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Domestic Wind Power

Domestic Wind Power Generators

one-quarter of all new U.S. electricity installations are now due to the installation of domestic wind power generators. The large majority of this figure is from large scale wind farms, however the rise in low cost wind generators for home use is one of the fastest growing sectors within the U.S. renewable energy sector.

Domestic Wind Power Cost

Gone are the days of expensive windmills for homes where some flashy salesman would convince you to spend upwards of $10,000 on wind turbines for the home.

The DIY wind turbine is now easier than ever to make and with the manufacturing of easily to assemble parts coupled with a good mix of low cost guides on how to build a wind turbine, lots of Americans are now joining the renewable energy club.

By not going through a company or franchise you can literally shave thousands off the wind turbine cost and put together your own DIY wind turbine for less than $200.

Domestic Wind Power Facts

It's within little doubt that
wind and solar energy is not just a fad.

With disasters like the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, even more emphasis is being placed on the domestic wind and solar energy sectors to provide a way for the future for America's energy needs. America’s wind industry is in a constant state of growth and expansion.

The current rate of growth is at around 15% per year and America currently accounts for 21% of the World's global wind energy production.

On the downside, only 10.9% of domestic primary energy production was renewable, with domestic wind power accounting for a mere 2.3% of this figure.

Barriers To Domestic Wind Power In The U.S.

This surprises most Americans, but
it's a fact that China is the World leader in both wind energy generation and also in the production of renewable energy manufacturing.

China is constantly criticised in the press as being a big polluter, however the facts are that they beating us in the green energy race.

The two biggest factors influencing the growth of domestic wind power is environmental protection and high start up costs.

Unfortunately it seems that renewable energy projects undergo harsher scrutiny in terms of environmental protection than other non-renewable energy types. The process is currently flawed and doesn't include long term cost benefit analysis which would ultimately favor the renewable energy options.

Also, it has been noted that although the long term benefits of domestic wind power are great due to cheaper operation costs, cleaner production and lower overall environmental impacts, the initial costs of production and construction are higher.

This seemingly makes wind energy options less appealing on paper which provides resistance to business investment. Finally, it has also been observed that while over 40% of Americans say that they'd pay more for renewable energy, only 1% of us are actually doing this.

The truth always comes out when money is involved and it seems that the majority of Americans are still not 100% committed to a green energy future.