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Energy2Green Review

After testing this product we can say that Energy2green offers a good quality service for its members for a decent price, but it does make a few false promises. You will never be able to live off your own power system for under $200. Although they do ask for a slightly higher price compared to other products which is normally at $190, this product actually delivers quality information. One of the things that makes this company so much better than the competition is the fact that Energy2green covers the science behind wind and solar energy.

After paying for this product you won't only have proper information on how to power your home, but you will also understand how it works. This comes in extremely handy in case your wind turbine or solar panels ever experience troubles or need maintenance. One of the downsides to this product though is that the diagrams and images included are difficult to understand at times which could leave you scratching your head for hours.

Energy2green Review - What You Get

So now that you know that this product is
not a scam you are probably wondering what it is exactly that they have to offer. The great thing about this product is that they do offer a great PDF document; what you see is what you get.

Energy2green gives its paid members valid information on how to build solar panels as well as information about how to make a DIY wind turbine in the form of a 400 page PDF manual. This service has tons of useful information and can actually end up saving you hundreds of dollars by showing you how you can build your own wind turbine and solar panels using the cheapest yet durable parts.

Keep in mind though that even by saving money, you will definitely go over the promised $200 budget that they so falsely claim. The great thing about building it yourself with this service is that it helps you save money while building the equipment and that is really the only time that you will ever have to spend because after it is set up you will have free energy.

Energy2green Review Support System

set of educational videos about DIY wind turbines and solar panels will prove to be quite helpful and inexpensive when compared to many other online companies.

One of the things to watch out for with this company though is that they claim to provide you with tons of useful manuals, but most of them are simple things that you could make yourself. An example of this kind of manual is their checklist which anyone could make within a few minutes. They also offer a maintenance schedule which you could easily make yourself as well. Continued below....


Energy2green does lack in improvements and all of the information remains the same as it was when it first began. The information remains valid and great for building your own energy system but the lack of improvement makes this system one of the older companies which seems to be getting worse rather than better.

For now, this company is still good and offers excellent tips as well as educational guides which will help you build your own powering systems but do not expect to receive constant updates or very much support when you encounter a problem. You will have plenty of videos and guides to help you but those will have to be enough because the support system is not the best that is available.

Energy2green Review

Using an efficient powering method for your home can completely revolutionize the way that you view energy. There are several good companies online that can provide you with step by step guides on powering your home without the need to pay large electrical companies for their services.

This Energy2Green review is based on the Energy2green company which has proved to be one of the decent companies that can make your life better.

This company claims to have thousands of satisfied customers so far and they promise to help you build your own power system by spending 75% less money than with competing products.

One of the first and main promises that Energy2green states is being able to help you create enough energy to power your entire home with under $200. In fact, they even state that you can make your energy counter turn backwards, thus you could get paid by your power company.

Energy2green Review Product

When you see products like this one online you
immediately think about the possibility of it being a scam because it is almost impossible to know for sure before trying it.