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Phone4Energy Review

Phone4energy Review Scam Or Real?

By testing the products we actually pay the price to fully determine whether or not others such as yourself should spend their own money on them.
After trying this product out for several weeks, we have come to the conclusion that Phone4energy is not a scam but is not really worth the dollars spent either.

This program is far from being as beneficial for your home when compared to using wind or solar power as alternative energy sources. They say that they provide you with a DIY kit but this is not so much a kit as a simple step by step guide. Phone4energy offers 5 bonuses to their members which come in the form of pamphlets which can be read in minutes. These bonuses are said to be worth hundreds of dollars but could actually be bought for a handful of dollars.

If you truly want to invest in methods to power your home without having to pay energy bills to large energy companies you should strongly consider natural renewable resources rather than trying to power your home using your telephone line. However, this product did reduce the power bills by a small amount so it cannot be considered a total scam.

Phone4energy Review - What Is It?

This product is brought to you by the same person who came up with the
Dirt4energy product; Ryan Wilson. After checking into his background we could find very little about this man; he has no social media pages for his products and the support system is rather weak. If you try to contact the Phone4energy support team you will only be able to do so by email; there is no phone number provided which seems odd for a product that revolves around phones.

What Phone4energy offers its members is information on how they can build a tool that will be able to capture the energy released by their telephone to power other appliances in their homes. This product cannot be considered a scam because they do give you the information on how to do this but on the other hand, you need to capture a lot of that energy in order to power just one appliance. Ryan Wilson does offer his address in New York which makes him seem reliable enough.

Phone4energy Review Membership

Becoming a member of the Phone4energy website will in fact allow you to figure out a way that you can reduce your power bills. However, they promise that you
will be able to reduce your power bills by up to 50% and possibly 100% with enough dedication. This statement is completely false because there is no way that you will be capable of powering your entire home using only your phone line. Continued below....


Another one of the downsides to this method is the fact that more and more people are now relying solely on their mobile phones. Leaving that one fact aside, this program is still one of the least favored methods for powering your home because other methods such as solar panels or even wind turbines will give you much better results. In fact, many people are now powering their entire homes with wind or solar powers only and at cheap costs.

Phone4energy simply does not provide its consumers with this ability which lowers its overall value in our opinion. So if you want a quick way to reduce a small portion of your power bills, this will do the trick, otherwise you might as well save your money. If you do choose to purchase this product you will be able to save $10 by closing the website. This will bring you to a different web page which provides you with a 'special discount' price of $37 rather than the full $47.

With the constant difficult times that we are experiencing due to the decrease in economic stability, people are turning towards alternate ways to power their homes.

The best way to find new ways to power your home without having to pay steep power bills is to search the internet, but this can also lead you to several scams.

This Phone4Energy review is for the Phone4energy company which we have recently tested out ourselves. If you want to buy this product which comes in the form of a short PDF guide, you will have to pay a one-time fee of $47, but is it really worth it?

This company makes promises that could seem almost impossible to most and the biggest promise made by Phone4energy is that you will be able to power your home with your phone line.

They say that they tested their product with 11 people who knew nothing about energy but trusting testimonials online is always risky. On the other hand, they do offer a 60 day money back guarantee but you should never rely on this when making a purchase.

Phone4energy Review