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Pros and Cons of Wind Energy

Wind Energy Pros And Cons

Domestic wind power is on the rise both in the U.S. and around the world. Globally, wind energy production has increased by 50% since 2007 and continues to be largely seen, along with solar, as the way of the future.The United States is the world leader in wind power installations by output, recently over passing Germany.

There's no doubt about it folks, windmills for electricity are here to stay. Not surprisingly, the positives far outweigh the negative aspects when it comes to wind power. Let's take a closer look at what the pros and cons of wind energy are.

Pros Of Wind Energy

Without doubt the biggest positive aspect of wind energy is the fact that it is a renewable and sustainable form of energy. Wind is an infinite resource, it will never run out as long as the earth exists and it is free in abundance all over the world. Coal, oil, gas and nuclear energy WILL run out as they are non-renewable resources.

The next best thing about wind energy is the fact that it does not generate any pollution, carbon dioxide emissions or by products.

Windmills for homes are classed as clean energy, another major benefit over fossil fuel powered energy generation. Over the last decade one of the newest advantages of wind energy is the development of new technology making wind generators for home use cheaper, more efficient and best of all, easier to assemble and mount yourself.

Across the board the overall wind turbine cost, both domestic and industrial, has decreased by over 60% making wind energy more appealing than ever. Another advantage for domestic wind turbines for the home is the many Federal and state tax credits and rebates available for home owners looking to install their own green energy systems. For information on your particular area check the DSIRE database to check for eligibility.

Cons Of Wind Energy

There are only
two main drawbacks to wind energy. The rest of the list is rather petty and lame in terms of negative aspects, especially when compared to fossil fuel and nuclear energy production.

The first major negative aspect of wind energy is wind itself. The wind is not reliable and without it you can't produce any energy. Over time this becomes less and less of a problem because of stored energy and better predictability. However, most larger scale projects never get off the ground because of the long time period it would take for an installation to become productive. Once wind patterns and energy production data is established, daily and monthly fluctuations become less of a worry.

The second major drawback with wind energy is the relatively low output compared to other types of energy production. To date it is still cheaper in the short term to generate energy from nuclear and fossil fueled powered plants. These non-renewable production plants can produce more energy, faster and cheaper which unfortunately still outweigh the benefits of sustainability and environmental consciousness, for the government and business sectors anyway.

The other
minor cons of wind energy is their minor impact on the environment, namely the visual impact on the landscape and effect on flora and fauna. Unfortunately lots of people complain about how ugly or aesthetically displeasing wind turbines look, which seems ridiculous when you stand them next to a smoke stack or nuclear generator!

In terms of environmental impact, there may be some minor damage to wildlife by birds flying into the blades or habitats being displaced for construction. Once again these effects pail in comparison to more conventional types of energy production. The pros and cons of wind energy for wind farms are still a hotly debated issue, however in terms of wind turbines for the home there is really no denying that it is an option too good to ignore.

The advancements in new technology make the DIY wind turbine an easy to complete weekend project with lasting benefits to the environment and your bank balance.